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How SolDevelo incorporated UX/UI Design into the OpenBoxes project

About the project OpenBoxes is an open-source Logistics Management Information System designed for government and non-profit health systems in the developing world. OpenBoxes is mostly dedicated to Supply Chain professionals working in resource-scarce settings where existing infrastructure for electronic inventory management is limited. Functionality includes inventory tracking, lot and expiry tracking, stock movement and shipment…
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dark mode

What is dark mode and why it’s taking over

Dark mode has become increasingly popular over the past few years, with many apps and websites adopting this feature. Its rise has not only changed the design of apps and websites but also improved the user experience for many people. Having noticed this trend, in this article, we will explore the reasons behind the popularity…
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ux/ui in agile

UX/UI in Agile: How to integrate User Experience and User Interface in the Agile Development?

UX/UI in Agile Software Development Software development relies heavily on user experience and interface to ensure the product meets user expectations. For the design implementation to be efficient and effective, UX and UI designers must work closely with developers in an Agile team. However, there is no defined manner in which this should be done.…
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UI/UX Designer

What does the role of a UI/UX Designer look like in a software house?

What does a UI and UX Designer do? UX (User Experience) Design and UI (User Interface) Design are closely related, but their roles and responsibilities are different. UX Design is the process of creating products, physical or digital, to improve the overall user experience. As a holistic approach to design, it covers every step of…
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How SolDevelo created The Comparison Tool design for the DIAL Catalog of Digital Solutions


The main goal of the project was to create new designs for DIAL Catalog of Digital Solutions – a tool designed to support governments, donors, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the discovery, selection, and evaluation of software products that have been developed to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We’ve already shared a case study…
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How SolDevelo improved design and increased efficiency of the DIAL Catalog of Digital Solutions


SolDevelo has improved design of DIAL Catalog and increased its efficiency. In this case study we describe what DIAL Catalog is, what kind of changes were requested by the client, and how our team applied them. We also provide a visual comparison of the previous and the current design.

OpenMRS banner photo



The user interface for Concept Dictionary and UI library for Open Web Apps Part II of changes introduced by SolDevelo to OpenMRS.


Population Council


The client’s Intranet was outdated and not user-friendly. Articles were static, without CMS integration. Files were not managed. It was difficult to conduct a revision of a file or article.

WOŚP- Woodstock Festival Application


“Przystanek Woodstock 2011” – the application designed for WOŚP.