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About SolDevelo

SolDevelo is a rapidly growing IT company with a focus on delivering high-quality software and cutting edge solutions from the area of information technology. With more than 230 realized projects in more than 20 locations over the globe, we are proud to be an appreciated and trusted partner for our clients.

The holistic approach to our clients’ needs guarantees their satisfaction with the outcome, which is a successful project completed within the given timeframe. The ability to solve complex problems also allows us to create our products so that they are designed to meet or exceed the end-users’ expectations and impress with their quality.

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Our key IT services

Key elements to turn every project into success are a combination of proper technology, agile management, skilled people, and effective communication.

And the great news is that … we have them all!

SolDevelo- IT consulting

IT Consulting

Whether you are a non-tech or well-established software company, we can help you create software products tailored to your needs within budget and time.
Our extremely experienced professionals will help you to make the best decisions at any phase of the project.

SolDevelo Agile Product Development

Agile Product Development

In our community, the Agile method is the cornerstone of all the stages of the product development process.

In simple terms, it is a lightweight development method that concentrates on the regular delivery of operative products to customers, with attention to technical excellence. These are the principles we adhere to in our operations.

SolDevelo- quality and safety

Best quality and safety processes

In SolDevelo’s structure, there are in-house safety rules.
We hold two certificates meeting the ISO standards, confirming that our company has implemented a quality management system, and the information safety management system is active and effective.

SolDevelo-ISO 9001SolDevelo-ISO_27001

Team extending

Our experts make use of diverse technologies and solutions to create the most advanced, state-of-the-art products.

We have broad experience in carrying out projects involving both well-known and specialized technologies. Our experienced developers and testers gain competence as well as obtaining successive certificates to meet any technological challenges.

Comprehensive project management

Due to our extensive 10+ year experience, we can support you at any phase of your software development project, from the concept through implementation to the up-and-running solution, and maintenance.

We use the full-cycle process methodology to ensure that we have excellent products and satisfied customers.

Nearshore and offshore outsourcing

We support our partners by delegating our team or a single specialist for a set period.

The Nearshore / Offshore model allows you to use modern solutions not available on the local market, and also allows expanding your team permanently or for a limited time while maintaining the client’s staffing limit.

SolDevelo- hours of experience

Hours of experience
SolDevelo- happy clients

happy clients
SolDevelo- successful projects

Successful projects

Our Mission

Each day SolDevelo provides top-quality and innovative IT solutions

By committing to the highest security standards and aligning with best practices in the industry,
we ensure our partnership is considered a well-selected investment in the final product.

SolDevelo- Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement

We develop.
We continuously improve the quality of our services and products, as well as foster professional growth for each of our staff.

SolDevelo- Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

We deliver.
Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of our work. SolDevelo constantly strives for perfection – both in product quality, as in timely and accurate goal achievement.

SolDevelo- Results orientation


We focus.
Exceeding expected results to deliver outstanding products to our customers is our pride.

SolDevelo- Challenge standing


We dare.
We believe in our ability to complete every project and are not afraid of engaging in the most demanding professional adventures.

Top reasons why to choose SolDevelo’s software developers


Over 10 years of experience in the IT market allowed us to meet various problems and situations. That made us a team of super- professionals who can solve every business problem with digital technology use.

Bespoke services

It doesn’t matter if you are carrying the idea, code, or ready product. If you need front-end, back-end, web, or mobile service – we can advise and create for you the best solution to enhance your business for the next long years!

Flexible team complement

Depends on the needs, we are ready to extend your team with different professionals. SolDevelo can support clients with a software developer in a wide range of technologies, QA team, UX/UI designers, and Scrum roles.

Professionalism and quality

Our developers take part in many courses, training, and exams with certs supported by SolDevelo. All those to ensure our services are still on the world’s top level.

The world’s best developers

The majority of Polish software engineers are graduates of technical universities, and according to Hakerrank, we are no. 1 in Java in the world.

Easy communication

All our developers speak English. Both written and spoken.

We use the best tech tools to stay in touch with our clients every day – for us, time zones do not exist!

Key business areas

By delivering worldwide software solutions and consulting services, we participate in an amazing adventure full of digital technology and innovative IT solutions.
These made us a highly skilled team of experts in a wide range of business areas.

New Technology
Social Impact
Finance and banking
And much more…

They trusted us

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SolDevelo- GWS logo
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What Clients Say

SolDevelo has been a powerful partner in the development of the OpenLMIS software. They quickly ramped up a skilled development team with expertise in the complex tools our project needed, and have made a lasting contribution to OpenLMIS version 3. Their work on this project will have a significant global impact.

Software Development Manager, VillageReach

VillageReach- logo

Honestly, the value per dollar spent with SolDevelo is incomparable. They deliver top-notch code, move quickly, are key contributors to our code and design, and are quite adaptable to a changing product landscape.

YT: Testimonial video of Ryan Whitney (GWS)

Head of Product Development Good World Solutions

GWS logo

Our 18-month collaboration with Soldevelo led to the development of an extremely powerful, innovative, and easy to use Android application; every time we show it to a potential customer, they ask us whether they can start using it immediately.
Soldevelo's communication, technical expertise with new tools, and delivery was reliable and we hope to continue our collaboration to further improve the application. Thank you!

Consultant, Vera Solutions

SolDevelo- Vera Solutions logo

SolDevelo always demonstrates a high level of proficiency, quality, and expertise.

Director of Community Programs, COSM; 
Community Manager, Mifos

SolDevelo- Mifos logo

SolDevelo’s experience and knowledge of web applications is top-notch and it will allow us as a company to meet our customers needs. I highly recommend SolDevelo’s services to business owners and other companies.

Purchasing Department, Amadeus

amadeus- logo

Our business benefited greatly from the relationship. We would eagerly partner with SolDevelo again, should the need and opportunity arise.

Co-founder, Abett

SolDevelo- Abett logo

"SolDevelo put together an incredible team for this project. Their expertise in ODK and their strong programming skills were essential to the project’s success. They were great partners throughout, who understood both the technology and the social mission. We were pleased with not only the resulting code, but with the knowledge we gained about ODK 2.0."

Vice President, Benetech Labs

SolDevelo- Benetech logo

"SolDevelo proved to be professional and accurate, were all services were delivered on time and through a very organized and timely manner."

IT Manager, AL Majmoua

SolDevelo- Al Majmoua logo logo
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Case Studies

IRC background
International Rescue Committee

One of our projects for the IRC was about creating a tool which would aggregate and help to pre-calculate huge amounts of data collected by field workers during emergency programs managed by the IRC.

OpenLMIS background image
Open Logistics Management Information System

The mission of OpenLMIS is to collaboratively develop shared, open-source software in order to improve health commodity distribution in low and middle income countries.

SolDevelo- Dimagi Case Study photo

The client asked us for support in building custom reports for various clients, data migration and in the development of several core functionalities.

Labor Link background image
Good World Solutions

Laborlink is an innovative tool establishing two-way communication between companies and factory workers in order to improve working conditions.

VillageReach background image

Open Data Kit (ODK) is developed in partnership with the University of Washington’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering. It is an open-source suite of tools that allows one to create, file and manage mobile data.

SolDevelo- Terre des hommes Case Study
Terre des Hommes

The team’s task was to create an application (an e-learning platform) adapted to trainees and enabling them to gain knowledge independently and at their own pace, with the use of a tablet computer or a mobile phone.

Ebodac background photo
Grameen Foundation

The EBODAC project (Ebola vaccine Deployment, Acceptance, and Compliance) is developing strategies and tools to promote the acceptance and uptake of new Ebola vaccines, to help the right person receive the right vaccine at the right time.

OpenMRS background

The user interface for Concept Dictionary and UI library for Open Web Apps Part II of changes introduced by SolDevelo to OpenMRS.


Enjoy plugins’ best
features for improving project management

JIRA still holds the position of one of the most popular project management tools and owes its unflagging popularity to a large community gathered around Atlassian products.

We are proud that we can be a part of the Jira system, and our products visibly improve the quality of project management.

Try them all!

Worklogs – Time Tracking and Reports websiteMultiple Checklists for Jira websiteQAlity – Test Management for JiraRead more about our products
Multiple Checklists for Jira logo
QAlity testing management tool

Top News

SolDevelo SolCon conference

Feb 12, 2020

#1 SolCon conference

PPNT, Gdynia, Conference

Nov 28, 2019

SolDevelo's first

PPNT, Gdynia, Conference

10th anniversary of SolDevelo

Sep 06-08, 2019

10th anniversary of SolDevelo

Godkowo, Klekotki

SolDevelo Office in Olsztyn

Aug 28, 2019

Olsztyn office opening

office, opening

Atlassian Marketplace Top Vendor

May 20, 2019

Atlassian Marketplace Top Vendor badge for SolDevelo

Atlassian MArketplace

SolDevelo- AWS Partner

Mar 25, 2019

SolDevelo is Amazon Web Services Partner!



Feb 26, 2018

Forbes' Diamond for SolDevelo

Forbes, Prize

SolDevelo- ISO 27001

Oct 17, 2017

ISO 27001 Certification Achieved!

ISO, Certificate, sefety

SolDevelo- ISO 9001

Jul 25, 2017

ISO 9001 for SolDevelo

ISO, Certificate, quality

Gdańsk office Opening

Nov 10, 2016

Gdańsk office opening

office, opening

SolDevelo- Seattle office opening

Aug 18, 2016

Seattle office opening

office, opening

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