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Future is in cloud. And the future is now!

Forget about infrastructure issues. Move to cloud and pay only for what you need at this point.

What is Cloud?

In short, cloud computing means storing your data or applications on remote servers (i.e. AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud) with access from anywhere, anytime under just one condition – Internet connection. It allows you to forget about many inconveniences, like physical servers purchases, power outages, storage shortages, maintenance, data recovery procedures. Together with those simplifications come time, budget and resource allocations savings.

SolDevelo - AWS consulting partner

Cloud Infrastructure & Hosting Services

SolDevelo helps you pick the proper cloud deployment model, service level, and management options. We also make sure it runs smoothly throughout the entire project timeline.

Our AWS certified cloud consultants are at your service to advise and deliver the cloud ecosystem that will be tailored to your specific needs. Evaluations of costs, performance and reliability of workloads will help you make your business decision easy.

Cloud Adventages​

Save money

Move your servers to cloud and reduce infrastructure spendings up to 50%.

Scale at your pace

Adjust all the parameters (CPU, storage, number of API requests etc.) to your needs. Change them instantly as you grow.

Feel protected

Rest assured, your data is safe and can be easily recovered.

Deploy in seconds

Cloud makes the deployment fast and stable.

Unlimited storage

You grow even faster than expected? Don't worry, that's great! There are no limits in cloud storage capacity.

Easier collaboration

Team members can access all the instances from anywhere!

Cloud makes development easier. A web browser and Internet connection are the only things needed! 

Cloud solutions we provide:

Cloud in numbers

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Of Fortune 100 companies are using AWS cloud solutions
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Cloud market size expected by 2026 (ReportLinker)
Number of countries where AWS is being used

Cloud solutions models

Cloud computing is helping organizations to focus on what’s important and forget about all the recurrent work like maintenance, security updates, storage planning etc.

With the growth of cloud solutions, came various models designed to meet the expectations of various user groups. You can take a look at listed types of cloud services, but don’t worry, our experienced consultants are here to help pick the one that suits you best. That’s what we do for 10+ years already!

Software as a Service (SaaS)​

Mobile "backend" as a Service (MBaaS)

Function as a Service (FaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Serverless computing

Are you ready to move to cloud?

 It’s now, it’s happening on our eyes. Cloud revolution is already here! What’s more, it’s becoming a standard in the Age of Digital Acceleration. Speed of delivery is now more important than ever.
Don’t lose to your competitors, because your infrastructure is old. Just let us know what is the business challenge you are up to. We will take care of the rest!

They are.

Cloud is one of the hottest solutions in the tech world right now. It lets you deliver and update your applications in a way shorter notice. Minutes instead of weeks. With less time spent, costs are lowered as well. This is not just the idea, this is certainty. World’s biggest companies already proved that. PayPal, Coca-Cola, Netflix, Pinterest, eBay. They all trusted cloud environment and continue to stay on a winners path.


SolDevelo cloud solutions

Is it hard to switch your project to cloud?

Cloud native computing, when properly implemented, can save your organization a lot of money, work and time. However, when it comes to managing change in various departments and replacing old habits, all that glitters is not always gold. Take a look on what challenges you can expect down the road and, most importantly, how to prepare for them. 

1. Cultural adjustments
If you would like to move from old-fashioned on premise hosting to cloud, remember you would need your organizational culture to adjust as well. Adding DevOps workflow would probably require changes in your teams’ composition. These are not only on paper structure corrections, but rather deep cultural shifts. Keep this in mind and right from the beginning emphasize the importance of moving to cloud. Later as it goes it will become much easier when developers find out how DevOps approach is speeding up the deployment.

2. Legacy versions
Companies thinking about moving to cloud usually maintain outdated versions of applications or systems. The reason behind it is that legacy might be still essential to some parts of the business. To ensure the swift continuity of business operations it is crucial to consult the ecosystem with experienced cloud engineers to decide whether legacy software should be migrated to cloud or kept on premise till the end of their existence.

3. Partial cloud usage
Big number of organizations do not have deliberate strategy about how to thoroughly adopt to cloud solutions. Quite often it is more of an individual teams effort, rather than holistic game plan. As a result cloud adoption gets only partial – some project are using the new DevOps approach and the rest is staying behind. Although, it does not look like a very serious risk to business, it may lead to unnecessary complications when developers switch between the projects or new members join. That’s why we see it as a threat to development efficiency and try to avoid that kind of scenario. To ensure your organization will benefit as most as possible from migrating to cloud, think about it more strategically and try to involve all of the departments right from the start line.

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