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How does Quality Assurance benefit your business?

Quality Assurance is a term that you’ve probably heard quite a few times. It’s present in the manufacturing industry, software development, and many other fields. While the term is familiar, the true meaning of QA is still rather blurred for a surprisingly large group of people. The value that QA brings into the project is…
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You want it darker? Check Jira dark mode in SolDevelo apps

If you’re using Jira in your job, you’re probably interacting with it several times a day. It serves as a digital office where you manage various aspects of your work, helping you to stay on track and get everything done on time. It’s efficient, effective, and so… bright. While for some users it’s not a…
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saving money in Jira

How you can save money in Jira – strategies to optimize your Jira expenses

Whether during economic upturns or slowdowns, finding ways to save money without sacrificing quality or efficiency is always a smart move, but it becomes especially important in today’s ever-changing economic landscape. This principle extends to every aspect of your business operations, including your Jira subscription. We are aware that by incorporating a few wise strategies…
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Come to the dark side… Jira dark mode is here!

The wait is finally over. One of the most anticipated Jira features – Jira dark mode – is now in open beta phase, and can be easily accessed by all users. If you’re a fan of minimalistic dark themes, this functionality is designed for you. So don’t waste another minute, and come to the dark…
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it job interview

How to prepare for an IT job interview?

Be the best during the recruitment process  Recruitment is one of the best opportunities for the first contact with a potential new employee. This is a process that impacts our professional future life, and that could be connected with a lot of expectations and stress. There are quite a few negative preconceptions associated with the…
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ownership in agile

How to build ownership in Agile teams

In today’s fast-paced business environment, where organizations need to be flexible and adaptable to stay competitive, the Agile approach seems to be a natural fit for many businesses. Agile teams embrace a self-organizing model that empowers team members with greater autonomy and accountability. By collaborating to distribute tasks and develop an execution plan, teams foster…
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ux/ui design

How SolDevelo incorporated UX/UI Design into the OpenBoxes project

About the project OpenBoxes is an open-source Logistics Management Information System designed for government and non-profit health systems in the developing world. OpenBoxes is mostly dedicated to Supply Chain professionals working in resource-scarce settings where existing infrastructure for electronic inventory management is limited. Functionality includes inventory tracking, lot and expiry tracking, stock movement and shipment…
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dark mode

What is dark mode and why it’s taking over

Dark mode has become increasingly popular over the past few years, with many apps and websites adopting this feature. Its rise has not only changed the design of apps and websites but also improved the user experience for many people. Having noticed this trend, in this article, we will explore the reasons behind the popularity…
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TP improved by simultaneous editing

How SolDevelo has improved Team Planner by simultaneous editing

Managing plans in a collaborative setting can be challenging, especially when multiple team members are simultaneously editing the same plan. This can result in conflicting changes, versioning issues, and ultimately, delays. When we faced this kind of problem at our organization, we decided to tackle it head-on. In this article, we will share our experience…
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SolDevelo & OpenBoxes: Developing an Open-Source Supply Chain Management System

OpenBoxes is a versatile open-source supply chain management system, and our long-time partner. In this article we will explore the evolution of our collaboration, our input into the project, the value that OpenBoxes brings to the open-source SCM software landscape, and our future plans together. About the project OpenBoxes is an open-source Logistics Management Information…
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jira time tracking reports

How to generate Jira time tracking reports by user?

There’s no doubt that effective time management is vital to the smooth running of a company. If you want to do it right, keeping track of time becomes essential when multiple team members are working simultaneously on multiple projects in Jira. User work log reports provide valuable data that can be beneficial in several ways.  …
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