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AWS Serverless Tools for Data Analysis

Importance of data analysis in modern day organizations Data analysis is a process related to operations on data as a result of which useful information and conclusions can be drawn. A consistent trend in recent years has been the transformation of organizations towards being data-driven. This approach has multiple benefits, some of them are:  The…
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How SolDevelo created The Comparison Tool design for the DIAL Catalog of Digital Solutions

The main goal of the project was to create new designs for DIAL Catalog of Digital Solutions – a tool designed to support governments, donors, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the discovery, selection, and evaluation of software products that have been developed to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We’ve already shared a case study…
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event-driven architecture

AWS Solutions for Event-Driven Architecture

Presentation of event-driven architecture In the simplest terms, event-driven architecture is an approach to designing systems that produce and respond to events. Events can be defined as changes in state that initiate action in the system. While in request-response architecture, which is another common approach to building cloud applications, communication between components is achieved through…
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How to create a form using React Hook Form library

In this article our team will guide you through the process of creating forms with React Hook Form library. We will describe installation and configuration as well as form building step by step. We will also provide examples of edge cases that our team encountered and resolved. Authors: Nikola Laskowska, Karolina Kopacz, Rafał Stencel, Michał…
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seo with next.js

Why should you use SEO and how can Next.js help you?

SEO can be your big ally or just as big of an enemy. Depending on how you approach it, and how much patience and attention you give to it, the outcome will be different. To help you in this SEO adventure, we’ve prepared a quick walk-through the basic information on what SEO is, how it…
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Build your next React project with Next.js

What is Next.js? Next.js is a powerful, open-source React framework which helps create performant web applications by providing the tooling and configuration, and introducing additional structure, features and optimizations. However, not only does it come with a ton of additional features but also provides developers with excellent developer experience (DX), making the framework really hard…
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ITIL 4 Foundation Key Concepts

This article is an outcome of my ITIL certification (in its current, fourth version) at the Foundation level. I would like to share what I learned during the training and touch on the main concepts, such as the Seven Guiding Principles, Service Value System along with Service Value Chain, and Four Dimension Model. I will…
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How SolDevelo improved design and increased efficiency of the DIAL Catalog of Digital Solutions

SolDevelo has improved design of DIAL Catalog and increased its efficiency. In this case study we describe what DIAL Catalog is, what kind of changes were requested by the client, and how our team applied them. We also provide a visual comparison of the previous and the current design.


How SolDevelo created a mobile community application for EnVest

SolDevelo created a community application for the members of EnVest. In this case study you will learn how the whole project began, what were the requirements and expectations, how our team approached the case, and what were the results. We will also explain why this project turned out to be a unique and valuable experience for us.


How openIMIS improved health insurance coverage in Tanzania

Case study on implementation of openIMIS in all of the 26 regions of mainland Tanzania. Learn about the process as well as SolDevelo’s involvement and the project’s impact.

How Implementing Scrum in a Hybrid environment may impact Team’s effectiveness Based on SolDevelo’s case study

The case study was prepared in collaboration with Dragos Dobre from Swiss TPH. Authors: Justyna Mihułka (SolDevelo), Damian Borowiecki (SolDevelo), Dragos Dobre (Swiss TPH).   Implementing Scrum Framework in a project is always a challenging process. When do we know that we’ve implemented the framework successfully? Is there any pattern we should follow? What are the…
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