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OpenBoxes collaborates with Kuehne+Nagel for Commonwealth Games 2022

Every great event needs great logistic tools in order to be successful. The Commonwealth Games organizers stayed true to this statement by choosing Kuehne+Nagel as their main logistics provider for this year’s edition. What makes it even more special is the fact that Kuehne+Nagel’s operations were supported by an open source – OpenBoxes.  Find out…
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Project Standards – Must-Haves to Manage Projects Successfully: COMMUNICATION

From the opening article of the series on the projects standards, you have learned: what projects standards are and what is their purpose; what is the approach to this topic in our organization;  how the process of defining project standards looked like at SolDevelo. The subject of this article is communication – one of the…
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How Management by Objectives May Boost Your Agility?

(Case Study from designing and implementing OKRs in the software house)   SolDevelo is the software house with around 60 employees. Our organization’s structure is flat, however, we’ve been growing and changing for some time now. Our company is in the middle of scaling up. If a company wants to scale up, it needs to…
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Connect for Life: connects healthcare workers and patients

Imagine you can check up on your patients anytime you need to. Imagine you receive automatic reports on their medication uptake and symptoms occurrence. Imagine you can give them your professional medical advice, no matter how remote the region they live in is. If your imagination shows you a satisfying picture, please stay here for…
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PILOT: MES: A Mobile Nerve Center of Your Factory

An efficient factory is like a healthy human body. In a thriving organism, every muscle and every organ has its own place and its own job to do. Everything – even the smallest process and the tiniest cell of a body has a meaning to it and helps in building a harmonious whole. But even…
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#SD Cloud: Disaster Recovery Case Study

We deliver high-quality solutions for modern world challenges. As IT professionals, together with our partners, we build a digital future.   Our vision and long-term plan are to be an organization able to effectively solve the real business problems of top players.   Business Problem It happened! Alarms were triggered, instances went down, clients started…
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Worklogs + Logotyp

How Worklogs integrated with Elements Connect for better customer experience?

Integration is the key to success!  You are tracking the time your team members spend on Jira issues and would like to have a better overview of their work? What if you could bring external data inside all of those Jira issues and display up-to-date information only? Well, from now on it’s possible! We have…
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IRC- ATC photo 3

International Rescue Committee – Anti Terrorism Compliance

Anti-Terrorism Compliance – Helps to catch any entity related to terrorism quickly at the start of the financing process.


Our contribution to fighting against COVID-19: A case study of Navigator

Audere reached out to us to get help with their current project – Navigator – which was about to be released soon.


International Rescue Committee –

Refugee.Info empowers people made vulnerable by man-made crises or natural disasters to address their needs by providing an interactive and accessible platform of accurate and timely resources.


Policy Information Management System

The solution -PIMS project- is a system based on the Alfresco platform which allows managing the documents uploaded to the system.