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How does Quality Assurance benefit your business?

Quality Assurance is a term that you’ve probably heard quite a few times. It’s present in the manufacturing industry, software development, and many other fields. While the term is familiar, the true meaning of QA is still rather blurred for a surprisingly large group of people. The value that QA brings into the project is…
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3 implementations in 3 weeks

3 implementations in 6 weeks – a story of implementation the EBODAC web application service


The EBODAC project was a specific implementation of the e-health MOTECH platform, allowing for information collection, scheduling, and tracking of randomized clinical vaccine trials.


Organizational Definition of Done – the standards introduced in SolDevelo


After several Project Managers meetings, and cross-team cooperation, we have established our principles of organizational Definition of Done.

Soldevelo- nearshore/ offshore provider

How to choose the best nearshore/ offshore provider?


When it comes to outsourcing a nearshore / offshore service provider to help you out, it is important that you consider a number of factors. The process can be tricky to navigate for new business owners.


SolDevelo is Amazon Web Services Partner!


We are happy to announce that SolDevelo has recently become a Standard Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network! It is a major honour to be recognised by Amazon, a cloud computing giant, for our work and professional skills.


The 7 most significant benefits of software development outsourcing


Nowadays whether a company is a smaller startup or a giant corporation, it can’t become successful without a well-functioning software product supporting its business. What practice has turned out to be the best?

Five reasons Poland could be your perfect IT outsourcing destination


Five reasons Poland could be your perfect IT outsourcing destination.

Nest Bank


IT specialists outsourcing in body leasing model (software developers in C#, .NET, ASP.NET technologies).