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improved data collection

How SolDevelo has improved data collection for Worldreader to fight the reading crisis among children

SolDevelo has improved data collection, implemented API extension and created a backend of new dashboards for Worldreader. In this case study you will learn more about the initiative and its purpose as well as SolDevelo’s contribution, the process, things we have learned and the impact this project has on the children around the world. The…
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AWS Serverless Tools for Data Analysis

Importance of data analysis in modern day organizations Data analysis is a process related to operations on data as a result of which useful information and conclusions can be drawn. A consistent trend in recent years has been the transformation of organizations towards being data-driven. This approach has multiple benefits, some of them are:  The…
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event-driven architecture

AWS Solutions for Event-Driven Architecture


Presentation of event-driven architecture In the simplest terms, event-driven architecture is an approach to designing systems that produce and respond to events. Events can be defined as changes in state that initiate action in the system. While in request-response architecture, which is another common approach to building cloud applications, communication between components is achieved through…
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How we reduced EC2 costs by 54% in one-click without any upfront payment


EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) costs might quickly become overwhelming, especially when using auto-scaling clusters with higher classes of instances. This issue is affecting everyone using cloud infrastructure, where you get incredible flexibility in exchange for higher hourly prices.


Code Quality – Amazon CodeGuru’s Machine Learning to the rescue?


The real cost of software bugs is a combination of money, time, and reputational damage. If the defects are found early, the costs are minimized. If the defects are found on production and affect thousands of customers, the costs might be huge.


SolDevelo is Amazon Web Services Partner!


We are happy to announce that SolDevelo has recently become a Standard Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network! It is a major honour to be recognised by Amazon, a cloud computing giant, for our work and professional skills.


My journey to becoming AWS certified


I would like to present you my journey from complete novice about Amazon Web Services to the moment when I have achieved my first AWS certification.