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“Forbes’ Diamonds” for SolDevelo – Yes, it happened again!


“Forbes Diamonds” is one of the most important business rankings on the Polish market. Each year it presents companies which value has grown the fastest within the last three years.

Payslip Purchase Order Form Concept

GDPR Compliant Way to Distribute Payslips – automatic digital solution


Employers must give all their employees and workers payslips if required by rules or by law.

How we reduced EC2 costs by 54% in one-click without any upfront payment


EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) costs might quickly become overwhelming, especially when using auto-scaling clusters with higher classes of instances. This issue is affecting everyone using cloud infrastructure, where you get incredible flexibility in exchange for higher hourly prices.

SolDevelo services IT baner

Remote working is no longer a choice – it’s a necessity…


Many employees and business owners alike have been working from home for years, thanks to developments in tech that make remote work possible.

Soldevelo- nearshore/ offshore provider

How to choose the best nearshore/ offshore provider?


When it comes to outsourcing a nearshore / offshore service provider to help you out, it is important that you consider a number of factors. The process can be tricky to navigate for new business owners.

Soldevelo- home office

How does the SolDevelo team deal with remote working


The Coronavirus threat forced the whole world to stay home to keep us safe from catching the disease. We all faced with the new reality, but the most struggling are businesses.

SolDevelo banner

Statistics 2019 – SolDevelo employees’ development


SolDevelo focuses on the comprehensive development of its employees’ skills, and above all, on improving their technical and professional qualifications.

SolDevelo blog Key to success

Key elements to turn every project into success


You are participating in a project, but something goes wrong? You feel that it can become a spectacular failure instead of an amazing success?


SolDevelo is Amazon Web Services Partner!


We are happy to announce that SolDevelo has recently become a Standard Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network! It is a major honour to be recognised by Amazon, a cloud computing giant, for our work and professional skills.

Atlassian Summit 2018- sessions, organization, Sangria…


We participated in Atlassian Summit 2018 in Barcelona last week! Wanna know more? Let the Atlassian and Barcelona memories come out!


Forbes’ Diamonds 2018


It was 11th time when “Forbes” magazine handed their prestigious prize – “Forbes’ Diamonds” to the companies which in the last year accomplished a significant rise in value.