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Tech3camp #96 (UX) through the eyes of the SolDevelo team

On Tuesday, January 31, the first meetup organized by Infoshare this year took place. SolDevelo had a strong representation there, including representatives of various teams and functions (UX, PM, Product Department, Employer Branding). We invite you to read our coverage of the Tech3Camp event! The event attracted many participants. Taking into account that it was…
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“Forbes’ Diamonds” for SolDevelo – Yes, it happened again!


“Forbes Diamonds” is one of the most important business rankings on the Polish market. Each year it presents companies which value has grown the fastest within the last three years.


#1 SolCon conference


 SolDevelo set some completely new goals for the new year to reach. One of them was to organize an external conference for people outside the company and on a much larger scale. 

The first SolDevelo conference


On Thursday, we organized our first Conference or Open Day. We found 5 daredevils willing to present their knowledge in front of the company’s colleagues.

Report from the Hacktoberfest 2019


It took place on October 12th and contained 11 talks about Free Software, Open Source, programming, and IT in general. The goal of the Poznań event was to encourage new people to join the Open Source movement.

SolDevelo- ODK test

Practical Test Design Techniques


The pairwise testing method can dramatically reduce the number of combinations to be covered but remains highly effective in terms of fault detection. It is a smart technique that guarantees a win-win situation for test effort and test effectiveness.

Romania – here we go!


Very excited, but from the early morning compact and ready for our Romanian adventure with testing and vampires in the background. September 25th started very early for us.

A Trip to the Land of Vampires and Testing- SolDevelo is getting ready for the SEETEST conference


Very soon, on September 26 in beautiful Romania, testers from SolDevelo will participate in the SEETEST conference.

Atlassian Summit 2018- sessions, organization, Sangria…


We participated in Atlassian Summit 2018 in Barcelona last week! Wanna know more? Let the Atlassian and Barcelona memories come out!


Tech-Thon in India with SolDevelo contribution


It needs no explanation that working on solutions that have a real social impact is in itself rewarding. Still, when the world reminds you that what you do is of benefit to society, one can feel even better about the everyday efforts in delivering the most qualified product possible.

Atlassian Summit 2018- We are coming!


SolDevelo is going to be an active participant in this year’s Atlassian Summit fairs! This time the event takes place in stunning Barcelona, thus we have at least couple of decent reasons to hold our breath for it.