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Girls In IT: The Power Of Gender Equality In Technology

“My current job is actually a huge detour from my education,” says Monika, a Software Test Engineer, working at SolDevelo. “I’ve actually got my PhD in marine biology,” she adds, much to our surprise. How, on earth, did a marine biologist end up working in IT? But then Monika explains: “I’ve always been drawn to…
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Agile Conference: Agile Swarming 2022

Let’s Share All Things Agile at Agile Swarming Conference 2022!   SolDevelo as an organization is currently at the moment of dynamic growth and scaling up! This transformation is deeply impacted by Agile frameworks, practices and tools. We have been implementing the OKR framework (Objectives and Key Results) since the end of 2021. It serves…
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How QAlity Plus Test Management Tool Can Help You Save Your Time?

    Efficiency is all about balance between the time that we have and the progress that we make. Saving time means not only saving money, but also protecting this precious currency of minutes, hours and days, so that nothing, not even a single second goes to waste. But how to do that? How to…
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Mission Accepted: The Purpose of the SolDevelo Mission

What is a company’s mission?  It describes the organization’s purpose and its overall intention. It’s the reason for the company’s existence and the direction that everyone employed needs and wants to follow.    Why do we need it? The sole purpose of having a clearly defined mission is to guide the company forward. While thinking…
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#SD Playbook: Scrum Master

We deliver high-quality solutions for modern world challenges. As IT professionals, together with our partners, we build a digital future.   Our vision and the long-term plan is to be an organization able to effectively solve the real business problems of top players.   Business Problem We are working in Scrum thus our teams are…
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Worklogs + Logotyp

How Worklogs integrated with Elements Connect for better customer experience?

Integration is the key to success!  You are tracking the time your team members spend on Jira issues and would like to have a better overview of their work? What if you could bring external data inside all of those Jira issues and display up-to-date information only? Well, from now on it’s possible! We have…
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How to set up test management in Jira for free?

How to set up test management in Jira for free?   Test management is an inevitable part of a software development life cycle. It isn’t a big surprise that the customers of the powerful project management, task, and bug tracking tool – Jira, often look for solutions that can expand its capabilities with additional quality…
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Why should you care about transparency of your testing?

Why should you care about transparency of your testing?   Software testing is a crucial part of software development. It is a critical process to identify and evaluate whether the developed product meets a requirements specification and customers’ expectations or not. Thanks to software testing, a company or an organisation is able to deliver an…
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Software tester image

What are the traits of a good QA Lead?

Quality assurance (QA) has become an indispensable part of software delivery. And no wonder: it is often perceived as the last line of defense before a product hits the market.


The automated workflow of KPI calculation – from JIRA to reporting tools

Key Performance Indicators – because that’s their full name – are a type of performance measurements that help to understand how your organization is performing.


“Forbes’ Diamonds” for SolDevelo – Yes, it happened again!

“Forbes Diamonds” is one of the most important business rankings on the Polish market. Each year it presents companies which value has grown the fastest within the last three years.