Welcome to SolDevelo Olympics!

This year SolDevelo was celebrating 9th birthday. Since we are the company that vividly promotes a healthy and active lifestyle it is no wonder that also our integrational party had to have something in common with sportsmanship and group competition. In this case, organizing SolDevelo Olympics turned out to be a great success.

If you are curious what we exactly were doing, visit our relation on blog : Welcome to SolDevelo Olympics!

"Tech-Thon" in India with SolDevelo contribution

It needs no explanation that working on solutions that have a real social impact is in itself rewarding. Still, when the world reminds you that what you do is of benefit to the society, one can feel even better about the everyday efforts in delivering the most qualified product possible.

Advanced Team Dashboard- new release!

What a tempo!

We released our 3rd product for Jira platform.

Advanced Team Dashboard helps the team assess its performance and spot problems or blockers faster! Advanced Team Dashboard widgets can point out problematic tickets and notify about discovered issues. It can also display team's most active tickets based on a number of criteria.

Curious? Download and try ! Atlassian Marketplace

Team Performance Reports and Insights for Jira - release

Next product was released ! This time we want to present you Team Performance Reports & Insights for Jira which provides an excellent visualization of how your team is progressing toward achieving results and delivering value.
You can generate reports of team performance. You can have insight in work done in projects. You can maximize the return on your investments! Isn't it cool?
Go and get it!
Atlassian Marketplace

Worklogs- Time Reports for Jira released!

With pleasure we want to inform you that our 1st product: Worklogs- Time Reports for Jira was released on JIRA platform.
The main function of the plugin is to track the time logged in projects by team members in an easy and quick way. We kindly encourage you to use the add-on and we invite you for more information on our website: https://www.soldevelo.com/worklogs-time-reports-jira

Atlassian Summit 2018- Barcelona

Atlassian Summit starts on the beginning of September in Barcelona and we are in it! In this year's edition we will be an active participant and will be presenting our own products. More about the event and our preparation on blog post: Atlassian Summit 2018- We are coming!

Forbes' Diamonds 2018

It was 11th time when "Forbes" magazine handed their prestigious prize - "Forbes' Diamonds" to the companies which in the last year accomplished a significant rise in value. The award belongs to the most recognizable distinctions within Polish business sector.

We are happy to announce that we - SolDevelo have earned the title of the second fastest growing company in Pomeranian District (taking into account the last 3 years)! It is a great honor to be placed on the top of such high-class rating.
  • Lunch&Learning SolDevelo
  • Lunch&Learning SolDevelo
  • Lunch&Learning SolDevelo
  • Lunch&Learning SolDevelo

Lunch&Learning launches at SolDevelo!

Lunch&Learning is a concept which has been gaining more and more popularity among companies caring about the growth of their employee's skill sets or willing to support communication efficiency within an organization. It is basically a 30-45 minutes long meeting, usually taking place on a lunch break and serving for knowledge spreading. As for SolDevelo – we decided to stress out the discussion part even more than it is normally done, for we do believe that sharing opinions is an enormous value and we want to encourage that.

Happy New Year!

One of the most popular entertainment that we participate in with pleasure is bowling- a sport that doesn't need marathon-like physical exercising but it still offers a pleasant atmosphere of spending time together and the opportunity for a healthy competition to all the players. We just want to wish you the same in the upcoming New Year - taking on new challenges in a pleasant competition that will bring much success and also the possibility to dedicate more of your precious time to those with whom you feel best. Happy New Year! SolDevelo Team

Tech Talk #8- GWS Labor Projects Success story

Today, we held another Tech Talk. Its 8th edition concerned the Good World Solutions project with ELEVATE and the LaborLink product. Krzysztof familiarized us with the history of cooperation with GWS, the project’s workflow, our team’s contribution into the product’s development, as well as its functioning. The video conference met with great interest of fellow employees from both of our offices, as well as bosses, who are currently in Boston.