Why us?

Our key priorities are: customer satisfaction, effective cooperation to provide fully-fledged solutions, and the ability to immediately address any needs for a change. We make use of the best practices in the agile methods department, e.g. integration, test-driven development, and code quality analysis using metrics.

How we work?


In our community, the Agile method is the cornerstone of all the stages of the product development process.

In simple terms, it is a lightweight development method which concentrates on regular delivery of operative products to customers, with attention to technical excellence. Such solutions are most effective when small teams of 6—9 people each work on projects – we can be sure that each member of the group knows their position, task, and aim. These are the principles we adhere to in our operations.


Keeping in touch with customers is one of the building blocks of cooperation. We wish to assure customers that they are in charge of their product, and that we understand their objectives and develop products meeting their requirements.

As a global company, we utilize all the technological solutions available to cross the barriers inherent in long distance communication. With a view to that, we use all the communication platforms, that is Skype, Google Hangouts, and Slack. Each conference room has appropriate VC equipment enabling audio/video chats with customers (even whole teams of them) irrespective of where our partner(s) may be at the moment.


Our experts make use of diverse technologies and solutions to create most advanced, state-of-the-art products.

We have broad experience in carrying out projects involving both well-known and specialized technologies. Our highly qualified developers and testers gain competence as well as obtaining successive certificates to meet any technological challenges.

Quality and safety

In the SolDevelo structure, there are in-house safety rules, e.g. regarding project confidentiality and data flow.

Currently, we hold the certificate confirming the fact that our company has implemented a quality management system meeting the ISO 9001 standard. In 2017 we obtained another certificate - ISO 27001 - confirming that the information safety management system is active and effective.