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Imagine building a bridge without an architectural plan. Interface design supported by in-depth research is this exact plan for any software or application.

UX & UI? What do these letters actually mean?

UX Design

UX (User Experience) Design is a problem-solving discipline and integral part of every successful project. It is not only about creating beautiful interfaces but providing delightful experiences for your users and accomplishing your business goals.

UI Design

UI (User Interface) Design is a discipline that deals comprehensively with the creation of user interfaces for machines and software, with an emphasis on maximizing usability and the best possible user experience.

Product Design

Product Design is a complex activity combining the goals of the company and users, involving the creation of a product by the company from concept, through testing to the implementation phase.

Before we start a project, our team will need fundamental information about your business, visions, and users to fully understand your business needs and provide the best possible service.

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Software Brief

Meeting with the Client. Initial interview. Ideal inclusions. Gathering information and Reference Materials.

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Business Analysis. Business Models. Persona. Processes Mapping. Trend Analysis. Competitor Analysis. UX Research. UX Audit.

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Customer Segmentation. Persona. Observational Research. Value Proposition. Customer Journey. Service Blueprint. Consumer Insight.

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Concept & Validation

Concept. User story. Use cases. Wireflows. Interface Architecture. Wireframing.

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UX Design. UI Design. Product Prototype. Design System. Usability Tests.


Discover our design packages and find the one that suits you best!

Our Soldevelo UX Design Packages will:

  • Save you money
  • Reduce development time
  • Increase your product performance
  • Increase the quality of work and your users’ satisfaction which positively affects your ROI
  • Help you visualize and test your product before development


opensource  ·  logistics · management ·  supply chain

OpenBoxes is an Inventory Management System developed by supply chain professionals working in resource-scarce settings. Functionality includes inventory tracking, lot and expiry tracking, stock movement and shipment tracking, purchase orders, stock requisitions and fulfillment, as well as built-in and customizable reports.


opensource  ·  health · medicine ·  supply chain

OpenLMIS is an open source, cloud-based, electronic logistics management information system (LMIS) purpose-built to manage health commodity supply chains. The OpenLMIS initiative incorporates a community-focused approach to develop open source and customizable LMIS systems specifically designed for low-resource settings. The mission of OpenLMIS is to collaboratively develop shared, open-source software in order to improve health commodity distribution in low and middle-income countries.


opensource  ·  logistics · management ·  supply chain

OpenIMIS (Insurance Management Information System) is a reliable solution aimed at managing complex interactions of a health care system, including enrolling/registering beneficiaries, processing claims, and calculating reimbursements for providers. The goal of the OpenIMIS initiative is to continuously improve the software especially in low- and middle-income countries, where the implementation of health financing schemes may be a great struggle.



Platforms & Infrastructure Measurement (V-PIM) is the first of the V-Suite toolset, which is designed to provide network diagnostics and network measurement capabilities. The V- PIM provides an overview of all key elements of our client’s network infrastructure. The system automatically measures and reports on the network quality and connection status of each node through three main components – (Endpoint, Data Collector, and Network Analyst)

Connect For Life


The app for health workers allows real-time feedback on their patients. It allows intensifying the communication between medical workers and patients. CFL is a Communication platform to engage with patients remotely and to provide continuity of care with proven implementation feasibility in HIV, TB, COVID-19 case surveillance, and vaccination programs.

Worklogs - Time Tracking and Reports

worklogs  ·  logistics · management

Easy and flexible time tracking for your team members. Can’t find an easy way to display timesheets or find out how time is being spent?
This app will allow you to track the time being spent by the members of your team in a given period. It allows grouping data by days, weeks, months or years. Moreover, you can also categorize entries by projects and use several filtering options. Worklogs can be accessed through both a menu item or inserted into a dashboard as a gadget.

Our values


We are team players

We share knowledge and experience, so our clients always receive the finest quality services delivered by reliable professionals.


We guide through the whole process

Our designers are always involved in the project from the very beginning until the solutions created are accepted and handed over to the developer.


We focus on continuous development

We are constantly developing and we want to do it for as long as possible to share our knowledge with others and provide our clients with the greatest possible solutions.


We are enthusiasts

We do everything we do with passion and put our hearts into the designs we create. We treat clients as partners thanks to which we achieve common goals.