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Custom software development is a strongly beating heart of our company, it actually sets the rhythm of all our activities.

Our world is one in which technological advancement is constantly ongoing. No doubts about that. To stay competitive, businesses may now choose from a wide range of cutting-edge options, including computer science, Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Considering how rapidly trends and technology change, selecting the best software development partner may make a big difference in whether you succeed or fail in the market. We at Soldevelo respect your business and are dedicated to assisting you in reaching the finest selections.

Whatever your concept, we’ll work with you to generate an excellent product using project management, data management, online and mobile application development, comprehensive consulting services, and more. Outstanding bespoke software enables you to satisfy consumers’ ever-higher expectations and can serve as a differentiator in luring new customers.

Who is it for? 

If you’re seeking for a creative strategy to advance your organization or assist digital transformation, custom software is a terrific alternative. Custom software development is beneficial to businesses of all sizes, from little startups to large corporations. If you have a business issue that may be resolved by clever software, we can assist you in realizing it.

When you work with Soldevelo, we take the time to learn about your company and your goals. We have worked with businesses in sectors like banking, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, and retail to develop innovative software solutions. We have the expertise to meet your needs, whether they include a straightforward product or a sophisticated concept including cutting-edge technology like machine learning or big data.

Custom software development could be highly important because it allows for meeting unique requirements at a cost competitive with purchasing, maintaining, and modifying commercial software.

Custom Software Development Adventages​


A key purpose of custom software is to support all processes both swiftly and productively.

Less expensive integration

One of the main questions to ask is: Will commercial software operate with existing and legacy applications? If the answer is negative, businesses will need to invest more money in purchasing software that will work with their current infrastructure and interact with it. Custom software can be created to integrate with the environment it is meant for.


Custom software can expand as a company or industry develops and expands. Future demands can be evaluated by designers and developers as part of the requirements-gathering process. Instead of spending money on additional licenses or subscriptions for bundled apps, these factors can then be incorporated into the application.


Creating bespoke software offers the potential for financial gain. Businesses that create their software may own it and so be able to sell or grant licenses to other organizations, depending on the specifics of the project.


There are advantages on both sides when it comes to being free of a commercial software provider. On the one side, businesses may avoid rising license and maintenance costs as well as being forced to continue using packaged software if a vendor goes out of business or discontinues a particular product. On the other hand, organizations that built or had bespoke software produced must pay for its support and upkeep. Each firm must carefully consider whether it is preferable to build or purchase in order for the equation to work out.

A team that will be involved in your project from the very beginning


Not a random ones, but properly selected developers


To ensure proper quality of developers' work

UX/UI Designer

To take care of user experience and proper aesthetics of your product

Scrum Master

To support the efficiency of the team and remove possible obstacles

Project Manager

To make sure everything is going in the right direction, also your main point of contact

Enabling team

To set up an infrastructure and take care of CI/CD services


To shorten and to speed up the systems development life cycle and to deliver services at high velocity

As SolDevelo, we always work as a team and each of us is always supported by the rest of the team members. It is in this support that our strenght lies. Teamwork is one of our most cherished values. 

SolDevelo process.

We will obviously support you at any phase of your software development project, from the concept through implementation to the up-and-running solution, and maintenance. This is how it looks in detail.

Introduction meeting

To get to know your vision and goals, as well as your expectations regarding the possible upcoming project we definitely should begin with an introduction meeting. Ultimately, it’s a good idea to get to know your team before winning a game.

Product Discovery

The next key step in our cooperation is to get to know in depth the product we will be working on. This stage will include a thorough review of the requirements, determining how we will measure progress and what key aspects we should pay attention to in order to make sure that our mutual goal is achieved. Fortunately, thanks to the long experience of our developers, this stage is definitely one of our biggest strengths.
After that, the ball is on our side, and within a few days, we will prepare an offer for you.

Preparing proposal and Client decision

Having already collected clear guidelines and perfectly understanding your needs, we will:

  • Prepare the project scope and estimations to each task along with any potential risks. 
  • Establish what resources will be needed to accomplish the project.
  • Calculate the budget needed to complete the project based on the project scope.
  • Prepare project timeline (based on the estimations for project scope and assumed resources).

After that, if the offer we will prepare suits you, then you better buckle up, and let’s get started! 

Project Kick-off

3, 2, 1, ignition! Lift off!

And so we launch your project! It’s time to meet your team (who can’t wait to meet you, obviously). This meeting, in addition to determining the next steps and getting everyone generally acquainted with the details of the project, as well as getting to know the newly formed team, is also a great time to emphasize once again your vision and goals. From now on, until the project is completed, we will surely share them.  

Preparing Design

Now, it’s the best time to take care of the visual aspects of your product.
The goal of our highly skilled product designers is to create functional and visually beautiful digital products that offer customers and your company the most value possible. They surely play a crucial role in the process of developing new products.
Nothing to be afraid of, as based on best practices and methods we will work with you through every stage of the design process. This includes project setup, research and idea creation, wireframing, testing and validation, and graphic design. 


Let’s make it clear, that only a select number of the many existing software development products will ever be successful, thus it’s critical to have a focused and expert application development approach.
This is the point where developers are actually producing the product, or in other words – writing a code. Ok, but how does it work? Iteration is a key component here. Most likely, you’ve heard of sprints or scrum. Basically, this implies that you divide all development work into smaller milestones and cycle through the creation of your mobile app. Refinement, planning, development, testing, reviews, and retrospectives will all be a part of each cycle.

Launch of MVP

Ladies and gentlemen, we are going live with MVP!
First of all, a minimum viable product (MVP) is a product with enough features to attract customers in the early stages of product development and validate the product idea. An MVP can help the product team get feedback from users as quickly as possible to iterate and improve your product. It’s worth mentioning that since the agile methodology is based on validating and iterating products based on user input, MVP plays a key role in agile development.

Further development or maintenance

Once the product is live the next phases of development can start, and that will be ongoing maintenance to fix issues and maintain performance over time. This phase also includes further product development, which enables your app to maintain its attractiveness and respond to shifting market dynamics based on user feedback, so you can be sure, that we will still keep an eye on your product, in the end, we know it inside out. 

Alright, so there’s just one last step you need to take now. 

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