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Look no further than SolDevelo if you’re looking for a company that specializes in developing mobile applications for your product or service.

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Some key topics just to make it clear for you.

Mobile Application Development
A typical mobile application uses a network connection to interact with remote computing resources. Mobile application development is the process of developing software applications that operate on mobile devices. As a result, the mobile development process entails building installable software packages (code, binaries, assets, etc.), setting up backend services like data access through an API, and testing the application on target devices.


Platforms and Applications for Mobile Devices

In the market for modern smartphones, there are two main platforms. One is Apple Inc.’s iOS operating system. The popular iPhone smartphone range from Apple is powered by the iOS software. Another main one is Google’s Android platform used also by many other original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s).

The main development approaches

Native Applications 

Native mobile apps run directly on the operating system of the device, such as iOS or Android, and are created using the programming language and frameworks offered by the platform owner.

Progressing Web Applications

Skips app store distribution and installation, providing an alternative to conventional mobile app development. PWAs are web apps that leverage a variety of browser features to give a “app-like” user experience, such as functioning offline, running a background process, and putting a link to the device’s home screen.

Cross-Platform Applications 

Although they are compiled into a native application that runs directly on the operating system of the device, cross-platform native mobile applications can be built in a range of different programming languages and frameworks.

Technologies we use in SolDevelo

React Native


Apache Cordova



Develop mobile applications with us to provide clever business solutions for your customers

What advantages can you expect?

Better personalization

Mobile applications let your customers set preferences, which will point them in the direction of the service or solutions they require. A reputable mobile development company assists you in customizing your applications so that you may monitor your users' and clients' activity directly.


Because companies have understood how critical it is to let customers know as soon as changes are made, mobile applications may now be utilized as a platform to spread critical product knowledge and/or updates.

Make the most of your technology.

Creating bespoke software offers the potential for financial gain. Businesses that create their software may own it and so be able to sell or grant licenses to other organizations, depending on the specifics of the project.

Flexibility in design

You now have to optimize your brand on the mobile app for mobile usage instead of only optimizing your websites to improve user experience on websites. It should appear simple, navigable, design-friendly., and what’s obvious, beautiful as possible.

Enhances brand presencedependence

People who utilize mobile applications spend a lot of time using them. For enterprises, this offers a distinctive branding opportunity.

Our delivery process

We will assist you on every step of your mobile app development, again, from the concept through implementation to the up-and-running solution, and maintenance. Let’s take a look on how it works in short.

Collecting requirements

To get a sense of your idea for the app, and gather any additional criteria for its creation we will surely organize a meeting with you. Together, we will decide the structure of the application you require and the objectives you want to accomplish with it.


At this point, our mobile app designers and developers will collaborate closely with you to create a practical design idea that incorporates both your brand and your intended mobile app functionality. We can create a concept for practical solutions that will help your organization expand because of the well-stated criteria.


At this stage, our focus is on developing your app. We’ll create an app that makes your brand and its offerings more appealing to your consumers. The creation of an application is effective and quick when it is well-designed, obviously.


We will assist you with launching your mobile app on platforms so that users may locate and download it once it is complete. We assist the customer in releasing the application on store platforms after it is complete.



OpenLMIS is an open source, cloud-based, electronic logistics management information system (LMIS) purpose-built to manage health commodity supply chains. The OpenLMIS initiative incorporates a community-focused approach to develop open source and customizable LMIS systems specifically designed for low-resource settings. The mission of OpenLMIS is to collaboratively develop shared, open-source software in order to improve health commodity distribution in low and middle-income countries.


V-Speed (one of the components of the V-Suite tools) tools were aimed at providing technicians with an automated way of testing customers’ private networks. The tool consisted of simple customized devices (based on the Raspberry Pi) and a set of automated scripts pre-installed on them for performing all needed actions as well as the UI for retrieving the results.

Main goals to be achieved using the V-Speed solution:

  • Automated TCP-based home speed certification during the circuit provisioning.
  • Automatically provide throughput achieved by Wireless extenders and STBs in customer’s homes.
  • Provide multiple data points based on the data rate and thread count to the users.
  • Simulate legal test tools and provide the same statistical data for comparison.

Case Studies