With QAlity – Test Management for Jira you can plan and execute tests with minimal effort so that you and your team stay focused on a common goal
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Meet the Test Management tool that brings team communication to the next level

QAlity – Test Management for Jira enhances the transparency within your team. It supports the knowledge transfer between Testers, Developers, Product Managers and other contributors to the project success.

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Indispensable toolkit for Software Testers
QAlity – Test Management for Jira
  • Available on Cloud and Server;
  • Unlimited Test Cases per each Jira issue;
  • Test Cases execution and results tracking;
  • Test Cycles for enhanced planning and test management;
  • Extra insights with simple analytics;
  • A closed pool of features;
  • Standard support.
Advanced solution to support your QA processes
QAlity Plus – Test Management for Jira
  • Available on Cloud and Server;
  • All the QAlity features;
  • Advanced reporting and analytics;
  • Importing and Exporting of Test Cases;
  • Reporting bugs right from the Test Execution screen;
  • Easy to access info about past executions of a Test Case;
  • Priority support.
Let QAlity – Test Management for Jira help your business!
All data in one place
While using QAlity you can create Test Cases right inside other Jira issues so that the test steps and test data are all visible in one place. This way, information usually accessed mainly by testers, becomes a natural complement to a given task.
Detail and Simple View in QAlity
You can choose one of two modes gives users the power to reduce the number of columns in a Test Case that will be displayed. The Simple View contains only two: Test Data and Test Result, which can be both valuable, no matter if your work is strictly related to testing
Test cycles
You can make sure that the necessary tests are executed when needed. Plan which test cases should be executed, set a due date, and track the progress of the executions
Test case execution
Once your test cases are all neat and polished, it is time to make them work for your success. With QAlity, you can execute every Test case created either within a specified Test cycle or ad-hoc to assure your team that no defect has been missed.
We got all the key features you need
Creating Test Cases
Test Cases in QAlity are Jira issues visible in other Jira issues! Thanks to this approach you can access testing data always when working on a task
Adding Test Steps
Test Step is a must-have in a Software Tester's work. Add as many as you need to cover all of your product's requirements
Collapse and expand test cases
Avoid information overload and hide Test Cases you don't want to see in your Jira issues. Reveal them again as soon as they become relevant to your work
Test execution
Test Cases won't do the job unless you execute them. With QAlity you can preview the number of failed, passed or unexecuted steps as well as comments and attachments so that the results of execution are always clear
Creating Test Cycle
Organization is priceless! Decide how to group your Test Cases into Cycles so it is the most efficient for your project. Gain a neat overview of a Test Cycle progress and results
Test Execution Report
Reports are not going anywhere. Test Execution Report allows you to obtain a quick overview of executed Test Cases and the result of such execution in a selected time period, User or Jira project.

Pravin Shirsath

Superb Support! 5 star. This is just a start and app is at primary level. But the way support staff is working, I am sure it will be one of best pick in near future. Most important about this app is not a need of extra test case management server. That server is managed by JIRA server itself. Well done QAlity!

Blaine Harnack

This is a review for both QAlity Plus and QAlity the free version. While I understand the differences between the 2 versions (more features for a payment) I must say that the service and technical support that I received both as a free and then subsequently as a 'plus' customer has been on par: excellent response times, friendly and knowledgeable and open to feedback and suggestions. For our small QA team who works within the JIRA system direct with our devs, this has been an excellent tool that we will use for the foreseeable future.
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