Checklists can be an alternative to subtasks that are not always suitable to use in a particular issue. They are a convenient way to handle Acceptance Criteria or a Definition of Done as well
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Multiple Checklists for Jira is a tool designed for creating checklists directly in Jira issues to help in organizing work on a particular task

How can Multiple Checklist for Jira help my business?
Definition of Done
The definition of done is a list of tasks that have to be taken care of in order to consider the issue as Done. This is an important definition in the agile methodologies, as it’s crucial for artifact transparency.
Global or project templates added automatically
Whenever you create a checklist template, you can make it appear in new issues of selected type “out of the box”. Use Manage Templates to administer both project-based and global templates of your checklists. Decide which templates will facilitate your workflow best and make sure they are always present when you need them. Human memory is faulty which makes it hard to remember every single step on your path to success (or “Done” if you prefer).
Checklist progress on Agile board
With Multiple Checklist for Jira it is possible to follow the checklists’ items progress directly on Agile boards without entering the ticket. Progress is displayed on the cards with added checklists, indicating the number of done items to all checklist items.
Customizable checklists statuses
Setting checklists statuses in Jira truly help in communicating at which phase of a task’s completion we currently are, which supports transparency significantly. Thanks to the many checklists for Jira, it is possible to set custom statuses for items on the checklists.
We got all the key features you need
One checklist per task isn’t enough when you care for your work to be of the best quality. Add as many checklists as you need to your Jira issues
Don’t reinvent the wheel. Save and reuse checklists templates all over your Jira issues. Spread the good practices all over your project!
Use your checklists templates to make them appear automatically in newly created issues. Manage your templates and decide whether they are available in a specific project or globally. No requirement goes forgotten!
“Complete” or “incomplete” is too little when the checklist item is complex. Use statuses to let your team know if the item is in progress, blocked or at any other predefined stage
Track the history of changes whenever you need it. Find out who, and when done a criteria or made any corrections in the TODO list
You don’t want issues moved to “Done” if there are incomplete items in your checklists? Block the transition and stop worrying about unfinished business

Benjamin E. Norton

This application is very helpful for organizing a task into simpler steps without requring the use of Jira Subtasks. Something that I didn't like about SubTasks is that the title could not contain formatting. With "Multiple Checklists" however, the checklists can contain bold & italics formatting.


Cads Consultoria
We use the app on a daily basis, it’s very handy for minor tasks and checkpoints that we wouldn’t want to create standalone issues for. We also use a lot of the checklist templates, it’s quite useful since our QA team always has to check for the same items
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