• JustCodeIt! - finals 1
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  • JustCodeIt! - finals 3
  • JustCodeIt! - finals 4
  • JustCodeIt! - finals 5
  • JustCodeIt! - finals 6
  • JustCodeIt! - finals 7
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JustCodeIt! - finals

JustCodeIt! contest come to an end!
We want to thank all participants for their a fierce fighting during Saturday's final!
We invite you to participate in the next edition in a year! :)
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JustCodeIt! - list of finalists

We already have JustCodeIt! results of the competition!
List of finalists can be found at: http://justcodeit.pl/results

Congratulations to the top 10!

The other participants can now expect a message with the number of points and time in which they solved the task.
  • Integration event 1
  • Integration event 2
  • Integration event 3
  • Integration event 4
  • Integration event 5
  • Integration event 6
  • Integration event 7

Integration event - Bowling and billiard

Another integration event took place in U7, Gdynia :)

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JustCodeIt! - eliminations

Tomorrow the first stage of the competition JustCodeIt!
Please remember to activate the link to the task between the hours: 12:00 to 12:30.

We wish you a successful competition and good luck!
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JustCodeIt! - last day of registration

Today is the last day of registration for the competition JustCodeIt!
Are you JAVA programmer? Do you want to win the PS4?
Sign up at: www.justcodeit.pl/register!
  • Inżynierskie Targi Pracy 2014 - 1
  • Inżynierskie Targi Pracy 2014 - 2
  • Inżynierskie Targi Pracy 2014 - 3
  • Inżynierskie Targi Pracy 2014 - 4
  • Inżynierskie Targi Pracy 2014 - 5
  • Inżynierskie Targi Pracy 2014 - 6

Inżynierskie Targi Pracy 2014

Thank you for the visiting us on our stand!

Source: press materials of Engineering Job Fair

  • Future3 2013 SolDevelo Box

Future3 2013

Yesterday we took part in the second edition of Future3. Thank you for visiting our stand!

  • Mifos summit in India 1
  • Mifos summit in India 2
  • Mifos summit in India 3
  • Mifos summit in India 4

Mifos summit in India

Since October 16 to October 18 in Bangalore, India, Mifos community have met together to discuss plans for the future - Mifos X. SolDevelo has also participate in this event. Our team members: Lukasz and Michal, were gathering requirements from users. Look at the pictures.

  • SolDevelo explore the Africa 1
  • SolDevelo explore the Africa 2
  • SolDevelo explore the Africa 3

SolDevelo explore the Africa

Recently we visited Ghana in Africa, where our mission was to train Loan Officers who are working for local MFI institutions.

Our team showed them how to use and set up microfinance management information system - Mifos. We performed a couple of training sessions, teaching them for example: how to manage loan & savings accounts, configure Mifos system, navigate in Mifos user interface and make a wide range of banking transactions.

  • Przystanek Woodstock

Application Przystanek Woodstock 2011 released!

Przystanek Woodstock 2011 is an application designed to make the life of a Woodstock fan much easier. It contains several features which help a festival participant to find essential information about important places, complete schedule of performances, artists portfolio and latest news. Integrated map module allows user to find festival places by showing their position marked on the map. Innovative friends functionality gives possibility to invite friends to the events via Facebook and to communicate with them.