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Corporate Partner Program with SocialCoding4Good

We take part in many Social Impact initiatives. We are proud to announce that our hard work was appreciated by the SocialCoding4Good, Benetech Labs initiative. You can read the full article written by Emma Irwin under this link!

Technology Volunteerism for Social Good - How we made Frontline easier to use?

We worked together with the Frontline team to design the Multi Selector tool. The tool allows the efficient search, selection, and presentation of thousands of different object types in a clean, single input on the page. It is a foundation element to our new automation software, and empowers Frontline users to effectively communicate and automate within their projects, such as monitoring and managing disaster relief efforts.

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Conference in Warsaw - Scandinavian-Polish Chamber

With its 360 members, Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest bilateral chambers of commerce in Poland, therefore participation in the conference was an opportunity for us to take a look at opportunities offered by SPCC. Nordic countries are important trading partners to Poland and Scandinavians are competing Italians for the fourth place on the list of the Poland's largest trading partners, so we can not ignore this direction in our development plans.

  • Industrial Technology, Science and Innovation Fair 1
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Industrial Technology, Science and Innovation Fair

We visited the TECHNICON-INNOVATION 2014, where exhibitors presented their projects and achievements. The event was aimed at innovative technology companies and gave us a great opportunity to follow the directions of leading the development of many fields of science.

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Future3 2014

Thank you for visiting our stand at Future3! We have received from you a lot of interesting applications, which we will respond soon.

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Oslo Innovation Week

Oslo Innovation Week (OIW) is the largest innovation convention in Europe, making it a significant meeting place to discuss opportunities and practices for growth and innovation every year. In this year we took part in this convention presenting our company to all participants.

  • MOTECH in BBC News

MOTECH in BBC News / TVN24bis.pl

Our hard work on the Motech platform in the BBC News and TVN24bis!
[bbc.com] Joining up Ghana's healthcare to save lives
[TVNbis.pl] Aplikacja mobilna ratuje życie matek w Ghanie

Photography: Adam Jones, Ph. D. - Global Photo Archive

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5th Anniversary

Today we celebrate the 5th Anniversary of our company!
Thank you to everyone who contributed to our success.

  • Trójmiejskie Targi Pracy 2014 - 1
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Trójmiejskie Targi Pracy 2014

We took part in Job Fairs in Gdańsk.
Thank you for the interest and votes in the "Golden employer" competition, in which we took 2nd place at this edition! It's a great honor for us!

  • Rajd Elektronika 1
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Rajd Elektronika

This year, we sponsored the event (rally) organized by the WRS Electronics ETI acting at the Technical University of Gdansk.