Mission Accomplished: ISO 27001 Certification Achieved!

We are extremely pleased and excited to announce that we have recently become certified to ISO 27001:2014. Developed by the top information security experts in the world, the standard provides for the regulation of information security management within companies, ensuring that data is kept both protected and available.

  • Gdańsk office celebration
  • Gdańsk office celebration
  • Gdańsk office celebration
  • Gdańsk office celebration

Gdańsk office opening party

We are proud to announce that yesterday we held the official opening of our another office, this time in Gdańsk. We couldn't miss the cake, the snacks, the champagne and the bartender making drinks prepared specifically for us for this occasion. Many thanks to all participants. We are honoured to have such amazing people in our company. We hope that this new office will be comfortable for you and you will feel there as good as in Gdynia.

SolDevelo Tech Talk #6 - OpenMRS

We are excited to share SolDevelo's contributions to OpenMRS. The last 3 months have been extremely productive! We delivered a completely revamped version of OpenMRS SDK, which boosts productivity of all OpenMRS developers. We brought UI integration tests to the next level by increasing 3 times the number of tests with improved stability and testing against both Chrome and Firefox web browsers. All that with increasing the build time by just a few %s!

SolDevelo Tech Talk #5 - React Native

React Native is a cutting-edge technology that enables building mobile apps (but not only!) with the use of JavaScript. What makes it different from other mobile JavaScript frameworks is that you don't build mobile web apps or hybrid apps but fully native, real mobile apps. React Native is an open source project held by Facebook, supported by companies such as Microsoft, Airbnb and others.

OpenMRS Implementers' conference sponsorship Uganda16

We have been working with OpenMRS for years. Together, we were able to implement a number of important changes in developing this platform and leading to the improvement of health care in developing countries. This year we have been sponsors of the annual OpenMRS conference this time organized in Kampala, Uganda.

The theme of this conference is: “eHealth for better patient outcomes: Innovating and strengthening systems”

Polish Java developers are the best in the world

Polish Java developers are the best in the world - according to the latest report prepared by HackerRank.
In addition, our developers are in the Top 3 in the ranking of the most talented developers in the world, right after Chinese and Russians. It was also found that we are one of the most tenacious nations. Many reasons to be proud of :D
You can read the whole article here: http://bit.ly/2cbuqe6

SolDevelo Tech Talk #4

The SolDevelo Tech Talk #4 was moderated by Jakub, our CTO. We discussed Scrum and analysed the ways in which we can effectively employ it in our projects. For some of us, it was good revision before the PSM exam :)

An interview with Ryan Whitney from Good World Solutions

What does cooperation with us look like? What are our strong points? What kind of business partners are we? And, above all: why us? You will find the answers for these and other questions in the following video.

The interviewee is Ryan Whitney of Good World Solutions, a non-profit enterprise operating in 16 countries, with whom we have been in close cooperation for several years.

Seattle office opening party

Last Wednesday, on August 10, the festive opening of our office in Seattle took place. There was a cake, balloons, plenty of good food and opportunities to talk. Among the invited guests, there were not only our employees, but also our US partners with whom we have been cooperating for a long time. We talked, inter alia, about currently realized projects and common plans for the future. We hope that from now on we will be paying each other visits even more frequently :)

The presentation of the HQ at Gdynia

See for yourselves how great it is to work with us! Check out our presentation.