SolDevelo is now AWS Partner Network Consulting Partner

Posted March 25, 2019
On the 25th of February, we made it to the next level of professionalism by becoming the AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting Partner. There is no better way to assure our Clients that we do possess unique expertise in designing, building and managing applications on AWS and that we can share this know-how for the sake of our mutual success.
APN Consulting Partner title means that we are capable of advising other organizations in terms of the most effective usage of AWS solutions. Our credibility in this area has been proven by obtaining technical and business AWS accreditations, genuine references from our Customers as well as AWS certificates earned by our developers.
Thanks to all this hard teamwork you can now find SolDevelo in the AWS Partner Solutions Finder: AWS SolDevelo Overview.
We will be more than happy if you reach out, asking for help with your AWS applications. Bear in mind that in Poland there are only 47 APN Consulting Partners that can support you in your AWS needs.
We have been using the AWS platform in our projects for several years, thus we are extremely proud that things are now official and our effort has been appreciated. It is obviously not the end of our AWS adventure and we still strive for more knowledge. Luckily AWS leaves us much space for further improvement. We obviously have a couple more milestones to achieve before we can call ourselves AWS ninjas but we can already feel gratified with our latest AWS accomplishment.