Multiple Checklists for Jira

We want to announce that our 4th product was released!

SolDevelo presents the new age in organizing your work in the form of Multiple Checklists for Jira!

This Jira tool will let you divide your tasks into actionable checklist items to stay clear on what still needs to be done there.


More information on our website:

SolDevelo Christmas Eve 2018

Last Friday was the Magic Friday, because the SolDevelo Christmas Eve took place. This is the one evening in the whole year when we can summarize our company activities, to set goals for the upcoming year and say thank you to all employees for making great work in SolDevelo.

St. Nichola's day 2018 in SolDevelo

St. Nichola's day is very awaited day in year, beacuse inside, we all are children! And just like a child, we love receiving gifts! It turns out that all our employees were not only hardworking this year, but also very polite ! Nicholas did not miss anyone and as you can see he got in 10 with gifts!

Hong Kong- memories and photo relation of SolDevelo delegation

November was such a crazy time for SolDevelo.
One from several reasons was delegation of Elevate project members to Hong Kong.
Now, we received wider relation from Krzysztof.
Let's see what he can say about such long-distance visit:

Worklogs - Time Reports and Advanced Team Dasboard : extension with a server version

Lastly we realised server versions of our plugins: Advanced Team Dashboard and Worklogs- Time Reports for Jira. This time we want to share with you our story about preparing and way through long process to being cassified by Atlassian. Was it easy ? Read our blog post: Worklogs - Time Reports and Advanced Team Dasboard : extension with a server version

Boy's Day 2018

30.09.2018 - Boy's Day. We don't (unfortunately? ;) ) work on Sundays but today, in the morning, we welcomed our wonderful guys with such sweet gifts. All the best to you boys! We wish you great fun both at and outside work. May your most secret dreams come true as well. Thank you for being around !

Atlassian Summit 2018- sessions, organization, Sangria...

Sooo we did it ! We participated in Atlassian Summit 2018 in Barcelona! This was our debut in those international technological fairs (I think I can name the event this way).We can establish the beginning of our preparations at late May, so we already had 3 months of hard work behind. Our team created for this purpose 3 compatible with Jira platform addons. The tempo was crazy! Once again SolDevelo team members confirmed that time doesn’t matter, when you have great programming specialists around.

Welcome to SolDevelo Olympics!

This year SolDevelo was celebrating 9th birthday. Since we are the company that vividly promotes a healthy and active lifestyle it is no wonder that also our integrational party had to have something in common with sportsmanship and group competition. In this case, organizing SolDevelo Olympics turned out to be a great success.

If you are curious what we exactly were doing, visit our relation on blog : Welcome to SolDevelo Olympics!

"Tech-Thon" in India with SolDevelo contribution

It needs no explanation that working on solutions that have a real social impact is in itself rewarding. Still, when the world reminds you that what you do is of benefit to the society, one can feel even better about the everyday efforts in delivering the most qualified product possible.

Advanced Team Dashboard- new release!

What a tempo!

We released our 3rd product for Jira platform.

Advanced Team Dashboard helps the team assess its performance and spot problems or blockers faster! Advanced Team Dashboard widgets can point out problematic tickets and notify about discovered issues. It can also display team's most active tickets based on a number of criteria.

Curious? Download and try ! Atlassian Marketplace