Join us and become our ...

...well-trained specialist

We care that our employees are experts in their field, which is why we have created grant programs that allow you to develop your skills.

We pay up to 50% of the cost of studies, post-graduate studies or participation in a selected training or conference. Additionally, we fund certifies and exams like: OCA&OCP8, PSD, PSPO, ISTQB as well.

Our employees participate not only in trainings in the area of extending their technical skills - we also make sure that internal communication is transparent and at the highest level. That is why, once a year, a group of our Team Leaders is training in improving managerial competences.

...certified expert

We improve. Along with the increase in the quality of our services, we expand the competences of SolDevelo employees.

We fully finance OCA and OCP8, PSD, PSPO, PAL, PSM, AWS Certified Developer, ISTQB and other exams.

We are also open to the needs of people employed in SolDevelo, therefore we are considering any financing proposal for the qualification exam which is not on our list.

...professional on the right career path

At SolDevelo we have a clearly defined career path for each position, so from the beginning you know what conditions you have to meet in order to get a promotion and when you can expect it.

Furthermore, our Team Leaders are always ready to help you whenever you will need their advice.

In addition, we mix our passion for technology with care for the problems of developing countries. SolDevelo is a participant in various social projects. We want to help in improving the world, using our technical skills. We do this to improve the living conditions and the economic situation of societies in developing countries.


... open mind ready for challenges

You will be always encouraged to take the initiative, and your innovative ideas will be appreciated as well. At SolDevelo we are not afraid of committing to new things, because we believe that it is the best way to improve every day.

Do you have an idea for a modification of old ways in the company? Tell us about it during a Lunch & Learning discussion on Friday.

Perhaps you want to help others with your skills and talent? Go straight to our Social Impact Foundation and talk about the change you can make. We are open to your suggestions and will empower you with the tools to grow your expertise through challenge and collaboration!

... SolDevelo gadgets keeper

At the very beginning, the newly employed get a bag full of useful at work (and outside) gadgets.

In the history of SolDevelo there were so many gadgets that it would be difficult to list all of them, but we are happy owners of, among others: colorful t-shirts, hoodies, softshells, umbrellas, mouse pads, baseball caps, blankets, lazy bags, slippers and much, much more . We are very proud that employees are happy to use things that are prepared specially for them.



Already excited? Check what we are up to!

Relocation package

You want to work with us but you are not from the Tricity and you are afraid to relocate by yourself?
No problem! We offer you a relocation package, which will help you move to our beautiful area.

relocation package car

Relocation costs refund

It’s a one-time payment covering all costs related to your relocation. You will receive 5000 PLN to spend on flat rental, costs of packaging and shipping your stuff to the Tricity or any other expenses you will have to bear during the process.

Support with acclimatization

We know that it’s hard to relocate on your own so we offer you help with finding a flat. You can count on us when it comes to choosing the best neighborhood or scheduling rental visits. We are also open to all your questions and you can seek advice if you need recommendations for schools, places to visit, etc.

We will make sure you will feel at home in the Tricity