Interaction: the essence of application use. The UX-oriented design is the basis of effective interaction. User experience professionals working in Soldevelo carefully analyze users' expectations, behaviors, and technical needs so that we can bring applications to the absolute perfection both in terms of their usability and comfort of use.

There are no shortcuts: the quality of a human-machine interface is one of three most important elements that guarantee a satisfactory use of the application (the other two being functionality and reliability). We ensure both that the program looks good and proves functional to the user and that its operation is intuitive and convenient. We use Axure and Balsamiq to produce mock-ups that help us plan the functionality of the application together with the client and Mockingbird and/or MockFlow to create wireframes to thoroughly test the navigation and ease of use as early as at the prototyping stage.

Technologies and Tools

  • Axure
  • Balsamiq
  • Mockingbird
  • MockFlow

In Soldevelo, we believe that our clients intuitively or empirically know what solutions are right for their applications. Therefore, while creating the product, we involve them in the process of planning the features and usability of the applications. Thus, when we test the UX of the program, we are looking for solutions that provide the perfect balance between the intended utility and the easy-of-use of the application.