Support and maintenance

The end of coding is the beginning of the life of the application. This life teems with opportunities for natural growth and development but is rich in surprises, too. We protect you from any surprises (or quickly walk you through them) and provide the maintenance of the program as part of the Soldevelo offer for maintenance and support.

Of course, sustainable development requires changes in software and hardware as well as system updates. Modern code and media are like living organisms that constantly evolve. When you leave your application in our hands, you can rest assured that it will be taken care of by a trusted and experienced team of programmers. We will not only ensure the stability of the software – which is necessary to maintain its full availability and functionality. As part of the development work, we can discuss – together with the client – and determine the directions of further development for the preparation of a version for new systems and the expansion of the current capabilities.

In Soldevelo, we offer a post-implementation support for projects other than those we have coded ourselves. If your current contractor fails to ensure high quality and stability of the program or application, we encourage you to approach us to discuss the possibility of taking over the support of the software.