A key element in the functioning of the program? For sure: performance. Regardless of the number of possibilities, options, and variants, you cannot have a high-quality application without efficient, rapid performance. Therefore, we conduct thorough and comprehensive software performance testing for our clients.

Performance bottlenecks, concurrency problems. We use JProfiler to tune the performance of Java code. This profiler, which is targeted on J2SE and J2EE, combines CPU, thread and memory profiling. With the portable JMeter testing environment, we create complex test scenarios that run on multiple machines at the same time, collecting analyses and statistics to e.g. run advanced HTTP, JMS, FTP, JNDI and LDAP load tests. At the end of the day, we provide our clients with comprehensive reports and suggestions to improve performance.

Code, interface, system efficiency limits. In Soldevelo, we make sure that all the elements of the application have very, very high performance. Our specialists assist the designers in testing software at various stages of its development; we verify both system limitations and performance issues – also in situations where the established limits are exceeded.