C# means specialization. C# – or C Sharp – is Microsoft’s response to JAVA.

It should be emphasized: a good response that offers similar object-oriented features and is well suited to programming e.g. applications based on the .NET framework.
C# can be thought of as the next step in the evolution of the C++ language. Like in JAVA, the C# programmer does not need to worry about freeing up the memory allocated to unused objects - memory is automatically reclaimed by a garbage collector.

Technologies and Tools

  • Xamarin
  • Docker
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Elastic search
  • Redis
  • Entity Framework
  • SQL Server
Most SolDevelo professionals are proficient at using both JAVA and C# as these languages are very similar. Before we start coding, we choose the language that will be more efficient in the context of the implementation of the entire project; JAVA is more versatile platform-wise while C# is designed to perform the best on Microsoft systems.