Agile Project Management

Flexibility, rather than a rigid process. The Agile project management method enables a quick verification of different directions of development of the program so that it can naturally evolve towards better solutions. Working in accordance with the Scrum methodology lets us give our clients an ability to view the entire process, rather than the final product alone.

Going back to the main idea of the Agile Manifesto: the real art of programming is the ability to adapt to change. In coding, this means responding to new functional requirements in a quick manner; responding through changes that are easy to implement in the source code. This requires a specific methodology of work, known as the Agile methodology. Constant improvement of the process is the basis of working in Scrum, but also... of common sense. Decisions on future actions are always based on what we already know. When we create an application in short stages, having completed a stage, we can verify which solutions show promise and which must be rejected so that the original design goals are met by the final product.

Soldevelo has mastered Scrum to perfection. We know that Scrum is a great solution for our clients from a business point of view, as it gives them an insight into the options for the development of the project at all stages. In this way, the path towards the final product is quickly verified and the works can proceed in the right direction. In other words: instead of blindly wading along a pre-designated path for a year, we can pave a shorter, better, faster and more efficient way ahead after the initial sprint.