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Founded in 1991, Atom Content Marketing was created to give clients a way to communicate effectively with the hard-to-reach small business market. With more than 20 years’ experience of engaging with small and medium-sized businesses. They focus on building relationships with organizations that want to reach and engage with start-ups and SMEs.

Donut websites offer in-depth guidance on starting and running a business. They includes huge range of business advice including practical how-to guides, Q&As, case studies, checklists, videos, blogs, frequently asked questions, small business news, tools and special offers.


Attracting more than 1,000,000 visits from small and medium-sized businesses each month, the six Donuts (Start Up, Marketing, Law, IT, Tax and Sectors) offer guidance on every element of starting and running a business. Each server keeps big database with content-related articles.

The biggest challenge is to manage all of the articles, their revisions, files and editors on the site. Under each of the phases of the project, we must improve different functionalities for existing sites and develop new features for newly built ones.
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We are technical partner for the Atom, so our work is complex and it depends what client needs most in particular time. We are taking care of Resource Centers project, as it is product for professional services firms, consultancies, business support organizations and anyone seeking to engage small business customers with high quality information and advice. We are improving security and fixing issues with existing sites.

We developing Donut2 platform, as it is newly released update for existing servers. This work includes building project from scratch on Drupal8 architecture, with mobile-first layout, advanced content management and integration with existing services. We also improved SEO, added ads layout and management, redesigned structure of articles, integrated forms and prepared Donut2 to be ready to get content from new Distribution Center. We took care of server site setup, with advanced cache and high performance, scalable server solutions with SSL support.

Our involvement includes full cycle of software development: from architecture and layout design, implementation, integration with existing services to testing and maintenance. We fixing issues and maintaining existing projects and developing new portals with architecture and server site design.

For each sub-project we developing custom solutions needed by client.


New sites are easy to use, optimized and without legacy, bad practices in code. They are automated with CI along with continuous development of new functionalities. We are taking care of each of Client’s requests on maximum quality level.


Lisa Williams

"It’s really important to us as a business that we have a strong technical partner. Most of all work is web base so it’s really important that we have that back-up and support in the necessary technical expertise along with the flexibility that company like SolDevelo can offer. We really hope and feel that SolDevelo is the right partner for us."

Lisa Williams Managing Director, Atom Content Marketing
Lisa Williams

"While working with SolDevelo we are able to have regular communication which is really important to us in terms of know what’s happening on the project and when things are getting done, what problems are coming up. Having that transparency in communication is really critical to us as a team."

Lisa Williams Managing Director, Atom Content Marketing

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