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Abett is a start-up company based in Seattle, Washington, United States. Their goal is to provide a better way to make decisions.
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The project is about creating a platform that connects people struggling with decisions with those who want to help them. The platform will consist of:

  • Backend server, developed entirely by the client
  • Android app
  • iOS app
  • Web app

In order to reduce the amount of work needed for the development of a different application for each platform, a decision was made to use the React and React Native technologies that allow creating apps for those platforms with the use of mostly JavaScript, with the same application design.
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Our client’s goal is to help people make better decisions. Thanks to the app, users can post questions, vote for the best option, share their opinions and communicate.

Our team consists of three developers and a team leader. By using innovative technologies, such as React Native and React, we are able to create apps for both Android and iOS with the use of a single code base. Thanks to that, our client can reach a wide audience, and react quickly to user feedback.

The design was made in order to provide users with a simple and friendly way to go through the application and access the most important features. Dividing the code into smaller components enables fast development of the application and helps when we need to create a separate component for each platform. By using external libraries, we quickly added functionalities such as sending invitations to selected contacts or uploading photos from devices. In the future, Abett can easily be translated to other languages.
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Mike Hanlon

"Our business benefited greatly from the relationship. We would eagerly partner with SolDevelo again, should the need and opportunity arise."

Mike Hanlon Co-founder, Abett
Robert LaRubbio

"I would hire this team again in a heartbeat."

Robert LaRubbio Co-founder, Abett

Technologies used

JavaScript React React Native Redux Bitrise Appium

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