About Us

SolDevelo is a dynamically developing IT company. We are great team of IT professionals with various interests and passions. Together, by combining ours skills, we are developing top-class projects on a global scale. We are happy to share our knowledge and experiences. Join our team, develop yourself with us! We'll give you opportunities to solve challenging tasks and improve your skills. And if you need a short break, you can always take a rest in our social room!

Our work is not only sitting in the office. Our clients come from all over the world, which gives us plenty of opportunities to travel. We visited India, Ghana, Luxembourg, England, Belgium, Germany and many places in the US, including Seattle, New York, Boston, San Francisco and Las Vegas!

What makes us special?

We provide much more than a software and application development. We are strongly engaged in increasing the quality of life of poorer communities, which, besides purely business activities, is an important part of our activities. From the very beginning our company take an active part in developing important initiatives: Open Source and Social Impact. SolDevelo is strongly committed to improving the quality of life of pure communities. We are pleased and proud to be working with organizations and foundations that help people from the developing countries. We participate in projects such as Motech, Mifos Initiative, OpenMRS and SocialCoding4Good. We believe, we feel, we know that we do our best to make the world a better place. In our company, all ideas are important. Each of our teammates – each of us - has real impact on decision-making and company development. We are creating advanced IT solutions for people and because of the people.

Our Values

Continuous improvement

We develop. We continuously improve the quality of our services, as well as foster professional growing of each of our staff.

Customer satisfaction

We deliver. Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of our work. SolDevelo constantly strives for perfection — both in product quality, as in timely and accurate goal achievement.

Results orientation

We focus. Exceeding expected results in order to deliver outstanding products to our customers is our pride.

Challenge standing

We dare. We believe in our ability to complete every project and are not afraid of engaging in the most demanding professional adventures.

Great place to work

We care. We aim to create the best work environment for our team. Relaxed employees are willing to take up challenges and tend to achieve better results.