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SolDevelo- programmers are changing the world

SolDevelo clients include numerous organizations and foundations that directly help residents of developing countries. Our company participates, e.g. in the Mifos project, initiated by the Grameen Foundation, which helps to solve problems in the field of information flow in the microfinance industry. Mifos is a platform designed to facilitate access to microfinance services in poor societies.

Another project is Motech, an initiative aimed at using technology to increase the quality and popularity of healthcare in rural areas in the poorer regions of the world. One of the goals of this project is to offer a set of services available through simple mobile phones so that pregnant women receive access to the most important health information and are encouraged to use health care provided by the local health service.

Another task in this field is OpenMRS, an Open Source project whose goal is to support healthcare in third world countries. It supports both patients and doctors and allows easy access to diagnosis or test results. The idea behind the project is the ability to download the application for free by any healthcare institution and adapt it to your needs.

TaroWorks is an application based on the Salesforce platform. It enables collecting and sending data in the field using an application on a mobile device. The data goes to the server and can be monitored in real-time. For example, you can run analyzes and create reports to monitor progress. An employee on the Salesforce platform can create new tasks that the mobile employee automatically downloads. This is a two-way data flow.


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