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ux/ui in agile

UX/UI in Agile: How to integrate User Experience and User Interface in the Agile Development?

UX/UI in Agile Software Development Software development relies heavily on user experience and interface to ensure the product meets user expectations. For the design implementation to be efficient and effective, UX and UI designers must work closely with developers in an Agile team. However, there is no defined manner in which this should be done.…
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digital public services

GovStack: Reinventing Digital Public Services

How many interactions does an average governmental transaction require in your country? It might be one or two, if you’re lucky. But there is a high probability that this number is much higher. In the world of digitization, where almost everything can be done online, it is unreasonable for governments to stay behind, and continuously…
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improve team efficiency

How to improve team efficiency with Jira?

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”  Bill Gates This well-known quote draws our attention to a common mistake people make when managing their business operations.…
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project management

4 Project Management apps for Jira that you need to try

As a Project Manager you’re faced with many different challenges every single day. Making plans, assigning tasks, monitoring progress, creating schedules – these are just a few of your responsibilities. It takes a lot of energy and focus to have it all well in hand. Luckily, there are tools designed to help you on every…
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Delegate responsibility for planning to the entire team

Delegating is one of those concepts that seem to be pretty obvious and understandable. One might think it is also a no-miss step for a leader with a team under them. However, in many companies, it doesn’t work the way it should, or… it doesn’t work at all.  For delegating to work properly, it’s essential…
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Play chess in Jira – new functionality from SolDevelo

Play chess in Jira and transform your work routine! Another lengthy day at work makes you slowly lose your sanity? We know how it feels. We’ve been there, too. And, being the passionate problem solvers that we are, we investigated the case, searching for a way to cast away this drowsiness that has been pestering…
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engagement in planning

How to increase your team’s engagement in planning?

“Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.” The famous quote of Dwight D. Eisenhower can be undoubtedly applied to any area of life, whether personal or professional.  It definitely holds true in the IT industry. During the planning process teams establish what needs to be done in the next iteration. They set the goal for…
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improved data collection

How SolDevelo has improved data collection for Worldreader to fight the reading crisis among children

SolDevelo has improved data collection, implemented API extension and created a backend of new dashboards for Worldreader. In this case study you will learn more about the initiative and its purpose as well as SolDevelo’s contribution, the process, things we have learned and the impact this project has on the children around the world. The…
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Tech3camp #96 (UX) through the eyes of the SolDevelo team

On Tuesday, January 31, the first meetup organized by Infoshare this year took place. SolDevelo had a strong representation there, including representatives of various teams and functions (UX, PM, Product Department, Employer Branding). We invite you to read our coverage of the Tech3Camp event! The event attracted many participants. Taking into account that it was…
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UI/UX Designer

What does the role of a UI/UX Designer look like in a software house?

What does a UI and UX Designer do? UX (User Experience) Design and UI (User Interface) Design are closely related, but their roles and responsibilities are different. UX Design is the process of creating products, physical or digital, to improve the overall user experience. As a holistic approach to design, it covers every step of…
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AWS Serverless Tools for Data Analysis

Importance of data analysis in modern day organizations Data analysis is a process related to operations on data as a result of which useful information and conclusions can be drawn. A consistent trend in recent years has been the transformation of organizations towards being data-driven. This approach has multiple benefits, some of them are:  The…
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