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How Implementing Scrum in a Hybrid environment may impact Team’s effectiveness Based on SolDevelo’s case study

The case study was prepared in collaboration with Dragos Dobre from Swiss TPH. Authors: Justyna Mihułka (SolDevelo), Damian Borowiecki (SolDevelo), Dragos Dobre (Swiss TPH).   Implementing Scrum Framework in a project is always a challenging process. When do we know that we’ve implemented the framework successfully? Is there any pattern we should follow? What are the…
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How to set up Superset? Case Study based on the TransIT project

Find out how to set up Superset, an open-source visualization tool that we used in the TransIT project. In this article we share our experiences, challenges and solutions in the form of a detailed step by step tutorial.


How SolDevelo created a fully open-source transportation system for Digital Impact Alliance

The challenge was to create a system that would be providing data and resources to support management over supply chains as well as have reporting features. It was important for the client to create a system that would be easily accessible and serve as a Global Good.

SolDevelo Summer Party 2022

Do you know the recipe for a successful integration event? Because we seem to know 🙂  On a sunny Saturday, September 3, the long-awaited SolDevelo Summer Party was held. The venue of the integration event was the green areas of Adventure Park in Gdynia Kolibki. It was a great joy to see the high attendance…
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OpenBoxes collaborates with Kuehne+Nagel for Commonwealth Games 2022

Every great event needs great logistic tools in order to be successful. The Commonwealth Games organizers stayed true to this statement by choosing Kuehne+Nagel as their main logistics provider for this year’s edition. What makes it even more special is the fact that Kuehne+Nagel’s operations were supported by an open source – OpenBoxes.  Find out…
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We are a GOLD Atlassian Marketplace Partner

We are very proud to announce that SolDevelo has become a Gold Atlassian Marketplace Partner. The highest product and customer service standards have always been a priority for us and this achievement is a reflection of that.    To make it happen, we took many different steps. In 2021 we entered the Cloud Fortified program.…
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Project Standards – Must-Haves to Manage Projects Successfully: COMMUNICATION

From the opening article of the series on the projects standards, you have learned: what projects standards are and what is their purpose; what is the approach to this topic in our organization;  how the process of defining project standards looked like at SolDevelo. The subject of this article is communication – one of the…
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How to deliver high quality solutions without extra costs and efforts!

Quality, efficiency, maintainability, portability, reliability, usability… There are multiple criterias that a well-written code should fulfill. Code review is one of the techniques that help achieve such quality requirements. However, it consumes a significant amount of resources and does not guarantee that all flaws will be detected.   Business Problem: How to efficiently assure higher…
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Tech3camp #89 – report from the event

On Tuesday, June 7, a meeting of the Tricity IT community organized by Infoshare took place. The topic of the 89th meetup were tests. I’ve decided to visit it and check how the local industry integrates and inspires each other.  The event was held in coworking space O4 in the business surroundings of the Olivia…
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SolDevelo’s response to the war in Ukraine

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine is a shameful act of hate and greed, going up against human rights and peace. We condemn Russian and Belarussian government policies and war crimes committed by the Russian military forces. Our hearts go to Ukrainian people affected by this invasion. Their land is troubled and their lives are…
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Project Standards – Must-Haves to Manage Projects Successfully

We invite you to a series of articles about project standards and their practical application. You will learn what project standards are and why they are in use. In the next pieces we will also present the project standards that we have implemented in SolDevelo in the following areas: Communication  Work plan Project metrics and…
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