An interview with Ryan Whitney from Good World Solutions


What does cooperation with us look like? What are our strong points? What kind of business partners are we? And, above all: why us? You will find the answers to these and other questions in the following video.

The interviewee is Ryan Whitney of Good World Solutions, a non-profit enterprise operating in 16 countries, with whom we have been in close cooperation for several years.

Good World Solutions (GWS) is a non-profit social enterprise with a vision – that every worker should have a free and anonymous channel to report directly to decision-makers about their working conditions, opinions, and needs. One of their core values is the belief in the power of data insights and transparency to transform workplace conditions and transform lives.

The mission at Good World Solutions is to use data to create safe and respectful workplaces. The vision is a world where every worker is heard, and where worker well-being is integral to business success.

Six years ago, they started noticing cell phones in workers’ hands and tested what was then a bold idea – that we could use mobile technology to connect directly with workers in real-time. We first piloted Laborlink with 100 factory workers in Peru and have since reached over 1 million workers in 16 countries.

GWS Case Study provided by SolDevelo you will find at this link.

More about the company you can read in Heather Franzese’s article on