1700 7th Ave Suite 2100
Seattle , WA 98101
United States

About this office

We opened our foreign office in the very heart of Seattle, a city known for changeable weather. Seattle is the biggest city on the north-western coast of the US and Gdynia's twin town since 1994. It is known as the "Emerald City" or the "Evergreen City". The nicknames are due to the presence of a substantial number of green areas in the city itself and to a huge number of wooded areas outside the built-up area: national and landscape parks, as well as rainforests, known as evergreen forests, located at the foot of the North American Cordillera.

Such surroundings have significant influence on the lives of its inhabitants, who are considered as some of the most active American citizens. They have such reputation not only because of spending their free time and pursuing their passions on the said green areas, but also because it is in the „Coffee Capital" (this is where Starbucks' headquarters are located) that the highest percentage of people in the US commuting to work by bike lives.

SolDevelo's branch in Seattle is yet another asset of our company, the purpose of which is to facilitate contacts both with our current, as well as future clients.