Romana Dmowskiego 12
80-264 Gdańsk

About this office

History and technology? Culture, sightseeing, learning and coding? This is definitely something for us!

Here, in Gdańsk, a city of an over one thousand year long tradition, surrounded by hundreds of monuments and countless culture facilities featuring their history at every turn, we started creating our own, SolDevelo future. The location of our new office is a convenience for many of our employees, yet we wish it to be also an inspiration. The Polish Capital of the North attracts dozens: during holiday - tourists, during the academic year - students, and investors all year long. The magic of the surroundings, the people’s attitude to life, management, the economy, the use of public resources… All of these factors contribute to Gdańsk being viewed as one of the most attractive Polish cities. What is it for us? An opportunity, a place with potential, a convenience in reconciling work with learning. We are certain that the office in Gdańsk will open the door to development, career and further successes for us even wider.